Without Words album reviewed by Vital Weekly


Thanks for the sensitive review by Vital Weekly:

AARON EINBOND & ENSEMBLE DAL NIENTE – WITHOUT WORDS CD by Carrier. A double debut so to speak. ‘Without Words’ is the first full-length cd of New York-born composer Aaron Einbond, and also the first appearance of the Ensemble Dal Niente from Chicago. Born in 1978, Einbond studied at several universities, IRCAM in Paris being one of them. He is a composer and researcher in computer music. As an electronic music producer and improviser he has performed with numerous ensembles like the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. But let us turn now to his ambitious debut album.  The opening work, ‘Without Words’ written for soprano, 11 instruments and electronics has the complete ensemble at work. The other compositions featured on this album are written for smaller line-ups. The title track plus ‘Post-Paleontoly’ and ‘Break’ make up the main compositions. Dropped in between we find mini-compositions called ‘Postcards’. I think Einbond uses close microphones. Throughout I felt very ‘close’ to the acoustic sounds. Einbond paints in a delicate and very detailed way. It seems to me he uses digital tools to strengthen the experience of acoustical sounds and music. And he does so very convincingly. He structures his compositions from many short movements and gestures that intertwine effectively into a dramatic whole that gave full space to the timbres and other acoustical sound aspects. Pure beauty! (DM)

Address: http://www.carrierrecords.com

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