Qubit Presents: soundinitiative in New York City | The New Yorker


soundinitiative brings sounds of Paris to New Yorkers this week, along with some Parisian field recordings of my own in “Attempt at Exhausting a Place” premiered Saturday with works by David Bird, Alec Hall, Jessie Marino, Charlie Sdraulig, Louis D’Heudieres, Michelle Agnes Magalhaes, Pierre Jodlowski, among others. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight, Saturday, and Sunday! Qubit Presents: soundinitiative in New York City

Source: Qubit | The New Yorker

Voice / Media / Theatre | Qubit

Tonight in New York, Voice / Media / Theatre is Qubit’s season finale party, proposing the powerful combination of voice, instruments, electronic sound, and video that explores dramaturgy mediated and mediatized.

Featuring soprano soloist Charlotte Mundy and her fellow performers in the TAK ensemble, we invite audience members to listen, interact, and enjoy cocktails inspired by the program. Qubit will also be joined for the evening by Alexandra Albert, a celebrated fixture of the acclaimed Toronto restaurant and bar scene.

With work by Jagoda Szmytka, Marina Kifferstein, David Bird, and Kaija Saariaho, the event is also a preview of major new works by Alec Hall, FLUFFER KING, and Aaron Einbond, Hidden in Plain Sight. Each are being developed for a larger Qubit and TAK collaboration, “Music//Theater//Now” in early 2018.

A Word is Dead – Two New and Peyee Chen

Cannot wait to share this program tonight in Basel with Peyee Chen, Ellen Fallowfield, Stephen Menotti, Chikako Morishita, Yukiko Watanabe, Aaron Cassidy, Eric Oña, Richard Barrett, and Klaus Huber in music theater of miniatures around the death and life of words: A Word is Dead – Two New and Peyee Chen

Cogent review of Ptelea by @heather_roche and two other must-hear releases from HCR.

Einbond’s Resistance (2012) opens the disc with barely more than the noise of air passing through the bass clarinet’s deep tube, and even this is only gradually augmented with the sounds of keys and, eventually, tones. Yet the work is also infused with the sounds of political protest – marches recorded in New York in 2011–12. Played through a speaker in the clarinet’s bell, these slowly emerge in their own right, a weird progeny of the instrument itself.

— Tim Rutherford-Johnson

Source: Three releases from Huddersfield Contemporary Records

Ptelea is available at: http://www.nmcrec.co.uk/huddersfield-contemporary-records/πτελέα-ptelea

Madeleine Shapiro performs inner sOUndscapes


Madeleine Shapiro will perform a dynamic program of works for cello and electronics tonight at the University of Oklahoma; thrilled to be included!

Madeleine Shapiro, cello
inner sOUndscapes
Sept. 22nd, 8:00PM @ University of Oklahoma School of Music, Catlett
Music Center, Pitman Recital Hall
works by: John Cage, Aaron Einbond, Judith Shatin, Gayle Young
w/Madeleine Shapiro, Joseph Klein, Ge-Gan-ru

inner sOUndscapes Guest Artist Recital

The 21st-Century Voice: Contemporary and Traditional Extra-Normal Voice, 2nd Edition, By Michael Edward Edgerton, 9781442248243 | Rowman & Littlefield


Honored to make a brief appearance in this authoritative book by @michael.edgerton thanks to my work with the dazzling @amanda.deboerbartlett!

Source: The 21st-Century Voice: Contemporary and Traditional Extra-Normal Voice, 2nd Edition, By Michael Edward Edgerton, 9781442248243 | Rowman & Littlefield

An observant review of neuverBand’s delightful October/November concerts with premieres by Balz Trümpy, Hyun-Hwa Cho, and me!


Ainsi, nous sommes … décontenancés par les bruitages de String trio d’Aaron Einbond évoquant vraisemblablement le monde sonore de la forêt. Notons pour cette dernière pièce l’usage étrange du violoncelle couché à l’horizontal sur une caisse et considéré comme un instru- ment percussif.

–Virginie Borgeaud, Dissonance

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