Feedback // Episode 6 — Yarn / Wire

September 8, 2020 Comments Off on Feedback // Episode 6 — Yarn / Wire

Ecstatic to join Yarn/Wire‘s inspiring Feedback project this Thursday among a dazzling list of fellow guests. I hope to see you then, as well as at other episodes including with David Brynjar Franzson today!

Feedback // Episode 6 — Yarn / Wire

EASTN-DC Residency | ZKM

August 10, 2020 § Leave a comment

Office for the week featuring socially distanced loudspeakers! ZKM presents the Artists-in-Residence of the EASTN-DC, who will realize their projects from September 2020 at the ZKM | Hertz-Labor. EASTN-DC Residency | ZKM

IRCAM Live | Ircam

February 27, 2020 Comments Off on IRCAM Live | Ircam




32-channel microphone, 24 speakers, one piano: preparing for Cosmologies at IRCAM LIVE March 5th! IRCAM Starts Residencies

Source: IRCAM Live | Ircam

The Quietus | Reviews | Aaron Einbond with Matilde Meireles and Yarn/Wire

December 6, 2019 Comments Off on The Quietus | Reviews | Aaron Einbond with Matilde Meireles and Yarn/Wire

Pleased to share this exceptionally sensitive and detailed review of new album MM03: Cities with collaborators Yarn/Wireand Matilde Meireles on multi.modal / NMC Recordings. If you do not have your copy yet, there is a 30% off flash sale through Dec. 7th. While you are there, do not miss MM04: Decay!

The third release from Claudia Molitor and Tullis Rennie’s Multi Modal imprint, goes deep into the inner life of the urban soundscape

Source: The Quietus | Reviews | Aaron Einbond with Matilde Meireles and Yarn/Wire

Cities | NMC Recordings

October 25, 2019 Comments Off on Cities | NMC Recordings

Today is the official release of Cities from multi.modal and NMC Recordings in collaboration with Yarn/Wire and Matilde Meireles!

Cities, the third release from multi.modal, includes two collaboratively developed works. In The kind of problem a city is composer Aaron Einbond works together with ensemble Yarn/Wire, and in London Scenes he teams up with recordist and sound artist Matilde Meireles.

Source: Cities | NMC Recordings

Studio 5, Live | Ircam

October 12, 2019 Comments Off on Studio 5, Live | Ircam

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Today at IRCAM I present work-in-progress on my artistic residency “Cosmologies” in Studio 5, Live: New Sound Syntheses, a Fête de la Science event. The demonstration will situate the audience in three-dimensional sound of the piano using the 24-loudspeaker dome of IRCAM’s Studio 1

Source: Studio 5, Live | Ircam

Land Music — Sound Practice and Research @ City

September 12, 2019 Comments Off on Land Music — Sound Practice and Research @ City


Fresh off the plane from New York to London this Friday to celebrate the release of CITIES created with amazing collaborators Yarn/Wire and Matilde Meireles. Hope to see you there as part of SPARC Symposium 2019: Land Music — Sound Practice and Research @ City

Qubit Presents: soundinitiative in New York City | The New Yorker

September 3, 2019 Comments Off on Qubit Presents: soundinitiative in New York City | The New Yorker


soundinitiative brings sounds of Paris to New Yorkers this week, along with some Parisian field recordings of my own in “Attempt at Exhausting a Place” premiered Saturday with works by David Bird, Alec Hall, Jessie Marino, Charlie Sdraulig, Louis D’Heudieres, Michelle Agnes Magalhaes, Pierre Jodlowski, among others. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight, Saturday, and Sunday! Qubit Presents: soundinitiative in New York City

Source: Qubit | The New Yorker


April 14, 2018 Comments Off on Helsingborg—Berlin—Boston

Overjoyed that three brilliant ensembles perform my work in as many countries today: first @theriotensemble premieres Kate Frankenstein in Helsingborg, Sweden, then @operalabberlin gives the final performance of Was tun?—eine Wunderkammer in Berlin, and last @dinosaurannex performs Xylography for cello and electronics in Cambridge MA!

Helsingborg Commissions |

Was tun? – eine Wunderkammer

April 10, 2018 Comments Off on Was tun? – eine Wunderkammer

This week in Berlin! So glad to be included in another collaboration with Opera Lab Berlin along with some of my favorite composers and musicians working at the threshold of performance, theater, electroacoustic, and documentary sound.

Source: EN Upcoming

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