Book and Articles

Articles in books and conference proceedings:

Noise In And As Music. [Book co-edited with Aaron Cassidy.] Huddersfield: University of Huddersfield Press, 2013. Contributions: “Subtractive Synthesis: noise and digital (un)creativity” [abstract] and “Qubit Noise Non-ference: a conversation” [with Bryan Jacobs and Alec Hall].

“Fine-tuned Control of Concatenative Synthesis with CataRT Using the bach Library for Max.” [with Christopher Trapani, Andrea Agostini, Daniele Ghisi, and Diemo Schwarz.] Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Athens, 2014.

“Precise Pitch Control in Real Time Corpus-Based Concatenative Synthesis.” [with Christopher Trapani and Diemo Schwarz.] Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, Ljubljana, 2012.

“Spatializing Timbre with Corpus-Based Transcription.” [with Diemo Schwarz.] Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, New York, 2010.

“Corpus-Based Transcription as an Approach to the Compositional Control of Timbre.” [with Diemo Schwarz and Jean Bresson.] Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, Montréal, 2009.

“Real-Time Analysis of Sensory Dissonance.” [with John MacCallum.] Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval. Sense of Sounds, Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, 2008. [pdf] [abstract]

“Timbre as a Psychoacoustic Parameter for Harmonic Analysis.” [with John MacCallum and Jeremy Hunt.] Society for Music Theory, Los Angeles, 2006; Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, Barcelona, 2005.

“12-note Roots:  The Fifth and Sixth Movements of The Death of Moses.”In Alison Latham, ed. Sing Ariel: Essays and Thoughts for Alexander Goehr’s 70th Birthday. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2003.