Proud to be part of this formidable batch of new releases from the formidable label allthatdust with the artistic dream team of Séverine Ballon, Alvise Sinivia, Riot Ensemble, and Aaron Holloway-Nahum. So grateful for their exquisitely detailed and vibrant interpretations, recorded and produced with supersonic sensitivity by Mark Knoop, Newton Armstrong, and Juliet Fraser, and incisively annotated by Laura Tunbridge. Celebrate with us at I K L E C T I K June 14th!

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IKLECTIK – Experimental contemporary art and music space

Tonight at I K L E C T I K London: like magic, percussionist Benjamin Soistier performs my work Prestidigitation for percussion and 3-D electronics along with fellow sleight-of-hand masters Xenia Pestova, Artemis Gioti, and Christopher Haworth as part of research project and conference MusAI: Building Critical Interdisciplinary AI Studies expertly led by Georgina Born. Thanks to Sound/Image Research Centre for the unique 3-D amplification and diffusion, not to be missed!

Source: IKLECTIK – Experimental contemporary art and music space

United Instruments of Lucilin | November Music

Today at November Music the virtuosic and polyglot musicians of United Instruments of Lucilin and I will share our sounds, interviews, and memories in Luxembourgish, French, English, and Hungarian in my new performed installation Unspeakable Home. Huge thanks to the musicians for taking us to listen inside their homes, gardens, buildings, and forests for a sonic journey many years in the making made possible by Ministère de la Culture, Luxembourg!

Source: United Instruments of Lucilin | Luxembourg | Facebook

Unspeakable Home | Casino Luxembourg


Unspeakable Home | Casino Luxembourg

Tonight at 7pm at Casino Luxembourg: Unspeakable Home: United Instruments of Lucilin play Aaron Einbond . After months of planning, interviews, field recordings, composition, and rehearsals, so excited to share with United Instruments of Lucilin our sounds and memories!

Performed installation written for United Instruments of Lucilin


Wednesday, September 14th, 12 pm at IRCAM, Paris, I will present the results of my yearlong research project “MusAI—Music and Artificial Intelligence: Building Critical Interdisciplinary Studies” supported by the European Research Council. Percussionist Maxime Echardour will perform a sketch of a new composition Prestidigitation for percussion and 3D electronics in which a sculptural setup of small and homemade instruments is amplified and re-synthesized using spherical microphones and loudspeakers to situate the audience amidst a virtual reality performance for the ears. It will be live streamed on YouTube: . Please see further details at the following link:


Séverine Ballon and The Riot Ensemble

Many thanks to Séverine Ballon, Aaron Holloway-Nahum, The Riot Ensemble, Mark Knoop, Newton Armstrong, and all that dust for several gratifying days of sensitive and breath-taking music-making on not one but two new albums coming out soon. So grateful for their dedication to bring my work to life in such fine detail and cannot wait to share the results!

Musical works – AIMC 2021

Tonight at 8:30 pm Central European Time, tune in to an exquisite performance of my work Xylography by Myriam Garcia Fidalgo with a smashing program by the Schallfeld Ensemble, Patricia Alessandrini, Erik Nyström, and more to conclude an inspiring week at the 2nd conference on AI Music Creativity

Source: Musical works – AIMC 2021