«Nachtstrom 86» – Transmissions

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Tomorrow in Basel the dazzling Two New Duo lights up the “Nachtstrom” series at Gare du Nord with two new works among a series of Sonic Postcards, sharing a program with Santiago Díez Fischer, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Marco Stroppa, and Michael Edwards. Night Power!

Source: «Nachtstrom 86» – Transmissions

A Word is Dead – Two New and Peyee Chen

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Cannot wait to share this program tonight in Basel with Peyee Chen, Ellen Fallowfield, Stephen Menotti, Chikako Morishita, Yukiko Watanabe, Aaron Cassidy, Eric Oña, Richard Barrett, and Klaus Huber in music theater of miniatures around the death and life of words: A Word is Dead – Two New and Peyee Chen

Two New Duo and Peyee Chen | City, University of London

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Two New Duo and soprano Peyee Chen, present a programme of new works investigating the nature of a word.

Source: Two New Duo and Peyee Chen | City, University of London

Madeleine Shapiro performs inner sOUndscapes

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Madeleine Shapiro will perform a dynamic program of works for cello and electronics tonight at the University of Oklahoma; thrilled to be included!

Madeleine Shapiro, cello
inner sOUndscapes
Sept. 22nd, 8:00PM @ University of Oklahoma School of Music, Catlett
Music Center, Pitman Recital Hall
works by: John Cage, Aaron Einbond, Judith Shatin, Gayle Young
w/Madeleine Shapiro, Joseph Klein, Ge-Gan-ru

inner sOUndscapes Guest Artist Recital

Déambulation sonore | Festival International d’Art Lyrique d’Aix-en-Provence

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I cannot wait to share my work this Saturday with director Jude Christian, singers Marielou Jacquard and Laurent Deleuil, and instrumentalists Jone Bilobar Núñez and Ellen Fallowfield. Please join us along with many unsuspecting listeners on the streets of Aix-en-Provence!

Source: DÉambulation sonore | Festival International d’Art Lyrique d’Aix-en-Provence

UC Davis Valente Lecture today at 3:30

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Ballon-1024x750_1000Thanks to Séverine Ballon and all of the composers of the Qubit West Coast Tour, which concluded with a bang last night at CNMAT in Berkeley! Today if you are around Davis, CA, I am speaking from 3:30-5pm in the Music Building, Room 203.

Source: Aaron Einbond, composer – UC Davis Arts

At noon in Paris, I can’t wait to share the stage in Salle Stravinsky with Séverine Ballon to present Xylography!

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IRCAM and Gaîté lyrique From 24th to 26th November 2015, in partnership with RBMA Dernière […]

Source: IRCAM Forumnet | Ircam Forum Workshops Paris – Program 2015

Chaise Électrique with Séverine Ballon

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Chaise Électrique featuring soloist Séverine Ballon, with her interpretation of five adventurous works for violoncello and electronics.

featuring music by,

Mauro Lanza,
Ashley Fure,
Aaron Einbond,
Bryan Jacobs,
and Alec Hall.

Video now online! Research and Creation seminar at Ircam with Pierre Morlet

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Aaron Einbond with Pierre Morlet, violoncello:

A Factor Oracle for Timbre http://medias.ircam.fr/xfb3c40

In Paris now! Seminar with Pierre Morlet, live stream on Ircam direct

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Ircam – direct-live.

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