Cogent review of Ptelea by @heather_roche and two other must-hear releases from HCR.

Einbond’s Resistance (2012) opens the disc with barely more than the noise of air passing through the bass clarinet’s deep tube, and even this is only gradually augmented with the sounds of keys and, eventually, tones. Yet the work is also infused with the sounds of political protest – marches recorded in New York in 2011–12. Played through a speaker in the clarinet’s bell, these slowly emerge in their own right, a weird progeny of the instrument itself.

— Tim Rutherford-Johnson

Source: Three releases from Huddersfield Contemporary Records

Ptelea is available at:πτελέα-ptelea

Brava to Heather Roche for a great review in The Wire–go hear Ptelea if you haven’t already!

As if to establish from the start that she’s not inclined to aesthetic navel-gazing, Aaron Einbond’s Resistance steers the snuffing, yelping articulations of a bass clarinet towards a collective voice of human protest, emanating from a speaker placed within the instrument’s bell.

—The Wire


Heather Roche in concert in Berlin Tonight

Heather Roche in concert in Berlin tonight with works for bass/clarinet (and sometimes electronics) by…

Heather Frasch
Aaron Einbond
Pedro Alvarez
Chikako Morishita
Lin Yang

For the location please just leave a comment and I’ll send you a message! As the concert is taking place at a private residence, it won’t be written here.

The door will be open (for a glass of wine) at 7pm and the concert should start around 8:30. Feel free to bring drinks/goodies/etc. but don’t feel you have to – everything will be provided and there’s NO CHARGE to attend!