The Quietus | Reviews | Aaron Einbond with Matilde Meireles and Yarn/Wire

Pleased to share this exceptionally sensitive and detailed review of new album MM03: Cities with collaborators Yarn/Wireand Matilde Meireles on multi.modal / NMC Recordings. If you do not have your copy yet, there is a 30% off flash sale through Dec. 7th. While you are there, do not miss MM04: Decay!

The third release from Claudia Molitor and Tullis Rennie’s Multi Modal imprint, goes deep into the inner life of the urban soundscape

Source: The Quietus | Reviews | Aaron Einbond with Matilde Meireles and Yarn/Wire

Cities | NMC Recordings

Today is the official release of Cities from multi.modal and NMC Recordings in collaboration with Yarn/Wire and Matilde Meireles!

Cities, the third release from multi.modal, includes two collaboratively developed works. In The kind of problem a city is composer Aaron Einbond works together with ensemble Yarn/Wire, and in London Scenes he teams up with recordist and sound artist Matilde Meireles.

Source: Cities | NMC Recordings