Brava to Heather Roche for a great review in The Wire–go hear Ptelea if you haven’t already!

As if to establish from the start that she’s not inclined to aesthetic navel-gazing, Aaron Einbond’s Resistance steers the snuffing, yelping articulations of a bass clarinet towards a collective voice of human protest, emanating from a speaker placed within the instrument’s bell.

—The Wire


Noise In And As Music reviewed in TEMPO

Thankfully, the book resists any impulse towards totalising and neat theorising, keeping an unruly plurality at play. Each of the contributors offers a partial perspective, addressing a particular facet of the n-dimensionality of Noise.

—Seth Ayyaz Bhunnoo

Noise In And As Music reviewed in TEMPO. Cambridge Journals Online – TEMPO – Abstract – Noise In And As Music, edited by Aaron Cassidy and Aaron Einbond. University of Huddersfield Press, 2013. £25.00.

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