Our favorite music of 2014 | Music Feature | Chicago Reader


Honored to join Ensemble Dal NienteAustin Wulliman, and Katherine Youngon the Chicago Reader ‘s Favorite music of 2014: Our favorite music of 2014 | Music Feature | Chicago Reader.

Ensemble dal Niente made one hell of a splash with its first album, a collection of pieces by New York composer Aaron Einbond. He built most of them from delicate urban and rural environmental sounds, using a computer to assist his thrilling combinations of more or less unedited field recordings with musique concrete and instrumental passages that draw on radical extended techniques. On the title piece, soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett weaves violent wordless utterances and borrowed texts through massive reed splats and punishing string thwacks—with some sounds enhanced or obliterated by electronics.

— Peter Margasak


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