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CeReNeM @ Noise Non-ference

Noise Non-ference posterMembers of CeReNeM will be featured in the Noise Non-ference in New York City, 29-30 March 2013: “A two-day festival celebrating noise in a variety of media, featuring visual, sonic and written artwork from around the world”

The event, hosted by Qubit and co-curated by Research Fellow Aaron Einbond, will feature a live performance by Ph.D. student Tamara Friebel, Electric Serpent for piano and electronics by Ph.D. student Lefteris Papadimitriou, and Resistance for prepared bass clarinet and electronics by Einbond performed by recent Ph.D. alumna Heather Roche.


Heather Roche will also feature at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2-6 April 2013 in a curated concert focusing exclusively on other CeReNeM works including: Fluence by Alex Harker,  Four Shibusa (no.4 – Permutations) by Monty Adkins  and La rupture inéluctable by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay. The concert also features the audio-visual works There

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